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  • The patient sends the photos of his / her own head to the email address ireland@aratravel.com or through WhatsApp to the following number +353 89 958 4115 (5/6 photos where both the receiving area and the donor area are visible). The photos must be taken following guidelines that will be sent to you via email or whatsapp, the photos must be of good quality and the head must be clearly visible.
    We will send the photos to Dr. Serkan Aygin who will estimate the number of bulbs needed by the patient. This consultation is totally free and is not binding.
  • Once the opinion of the Doctor on the feasibility of the operation has been received, the patient will be asked to send us dates when they will be available to travel to Istanbul. Based on the patients availability we will look after booking the client into the clinic for the operation and booking return flights to Istanbul.
  • Once the client has received a positive opinion from the doctor, the exact dates have been established, the client will need to send us his/her personal data (name and surname, date and place of birth, tax code, address, identity document number) we will prepare a contract for the travel package which includes the transplantation operation.
  • The customer will receive the contract by e-mail, once they have read and agreed to the terms the contract needs to be signed and returned to us at the travel agency by fax or e-mail within 7 days.
  • Once we receive the contract, we will purchase and issue the airline ticket on behalf of the customer and the booking details will be sent by e-mail to the customer.
  • The customer will be required to make a payment of €500 by bank transfer to our bank account, the remaining 85% (€ 2800) will be paid directly to the clinic in Istanbul, in cash or by credit card, when the customer presents at the clinic before undergoing the operation.
  • On the day of departure the customer will need to present at the airport with their ticket printed and travel documents.
  • At the airport in Istanbul a representative from the clinic will be waiting in arrivals with a sign showing the name of the clinic and the clients name and surname, we will also provide a guide / translator who will assist the client during their stay in Istanbul
  • On the first day the pre-operative tests will be carried out in addition to the necessary blood tests (CLIENTS WHO HAVE SERIOUS INFECTIOUS PATHOLOGIES, HIV, HEPATITIS C, WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED), if this is the case you can take advantage of being in Istanbul and visit the city.
  • On the second day the operation will take place, the length of the operation depends on the patients requirements which will have already been established by the Doctor.
  • On the third day the patient will undergo a medical check-up, be given specific medication and receive post-operative guidelines, the patient will return home on the evening of the 3rd day or the morning of the following day.

For further information please contact us through the contact form below, you can also send us your photos directly and receive a quick response indicating if you are a suitable candidate for a transplant.

Feel free to contact us!

MOBILE-WHATSAPP: +353 89 958 4115
EMAIL: ireland@aratravel.com