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The details of the stay in Istanbul, the time of the intervention, when you will see the first results. We have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions posed by our customers. Here you can find all the information you are looking for.

Why and when to do a hair transplantation?

The first reason might be for aesthetic purposes.
Hair is one of the fundamental elements of an individual's appearance, in addition to the aesthetic aspect there is also the psychological aspect; sometimes hair loss can also cause psychological problems.
A person can feel less confident about themself and this can affect their personality.
Reacquiring one's own hair also means regaining confidence and increasing self-esteem.
There is no specific period where it is better to undergo a transplant, the decision is subjective and it is completely up to the patient.
A hair transplant can be performed at any time of the year.

What instruments are used to perform the hair transplantation?

The instruments used in the operating room are: the Trillix, a small drill with a pierced tip having a diameter ranging from 0.6 to 0.8 mm. This tool is used to speed up the extraction time of the bulbs, the bulbs are extracted with a small part of scalp attached, this is done without damaging the scalp. A cylindrical micro-scalpel, to make the grooves inside which the extracted bulbs will be repositioned.
A special tweezers with which the bulbs are placed inside the furrows.

How many sessions will I need for a satisfactory result?

It depends a lot on the initial situation and above all on the quality of the donor areas.
80% of patients go to Istanbul only once. For the remaining 20% of cases the client is already informed from the photographic response that he will have to undergo two transplant sessions, Dr Serkan and his staff always try to do their best so that the patient does not have to return a second time, for the majority of operations just a single session is required.
After the transplantation, check-ups can be perform totally free, by sending photos to the doctor.

Will people notice that I have had surgery?

For the first 2/3 weeks you will notice small crusts on the area that has been transplanted and redness on the donor area.
After the 3rd week there will be no sign or trace that a transplant has taken place, you will only notice natural hair regrowth.

What should I do after my transplant?

There are some small precautions to follow but nothing too complicated: - Pay attention when washing (the doctor will give you instructions on how and when to wash the hair)
- Avoid direct exposure to the sun for about a month.
- No sports or physical activities for 3/4 weeks
- Use mild and neutral shampoos.

How long I need to stay in the clinic after surgery?

As soon as the surgery is completed, the patient can already return to the hotel, there is no recovery time.
The clinic usually offers the patient dinner in a city restaurant after their operation, so the stay in the clinic post operation is practically nil.

What is the procedure for the preliminary visit?

The preliminary visit takes place by electronic means. After the patient has sent the photos to info@aratravel.com (or via whatsapp to +353 89 958 4115 ), the doctor will give his opinion based on the photos and decide if the patient is suitable for a transplant or not.
If the patient is suitable, the doctor will roughly estimate the number of bulbs to be transplanted.

How can I book a transplant?

ust contact us via form / email / phone / whatsapp and indicate suitable departure dates.

What is the density per square cm of transplanted hair?

On average, there are 35/40 bulbs per square cm, but the exact density will be established in the clinic with the doctor, based on color and consistency of the hair.

After transplanting, does the hair regrow?

In the beginning almost all of the transplanted hair falls out, while the bulb, remaining within the furrow, begins to generate new hair.
The first signs of regrowth will be noticed after 2-3 months.
Over time the hair grows thicker until reaching the final goal after 8-10 months.

Is it better to have short or long hair after transplanting?

It is indifferent, the patient can decide long or short, as they like.

Is it expensive?

In Turkey, prices are much more accessible than in Ireland or the UK and other countries. With our € 3300 (£ 2900) package we guarantee to provide the transplantation operation, travel and accommodation.

Transplant: better to do it before or after the baldness occurs?

The procedure can also be done if the patient is in hair loss phase.
The doctor will rejuvenate the thinning areas and will treat the patients pre-existing hair therefore maintaining the hair.

What are the risks if I transplant under 25-30 years?

No risk, simply the patient should follow the doctor's advice so baldness of their existing hair does not progress.

How long do transplanted hair last?

Usually around 15 years, but in reality the time can be much longer.
These are the so-called hair of memory, therefore the duration almost always follows the same life of the individual.

Can I see photos of transplants performed on other patients, to get an idea?

Of course, in addition to photos posted on this site, you can request others privately via email.

Can I opt to perform the operation over a number of sessions, so that the thickening/regrowth is gradual?

The operation can also be done in this way, but it is not recommended, as each session would involve a new trip to Istanbul, with related costs. Therefore the best solution is preferable to perform the operation in one trip.

Is it possible for women to have the transplant?

Yes, it is possible. In many cases, it is also possible to avoid shaving all the hair if the receiving area is relatively small.

Is there a slower method to give the idea of natural regrowth?

There is no method available to naturally re-grow hair, baldness can only increase and not regress.

Is there a possibility of Transplant rejection?

It exists but it is very unlikely, as the donor and the receiver are the same person. There may be some sporadic cases, but in this case the clinic provides the guarantees to carry out the transplant plus all the treatment for free.

Where does the operation take place?

It all happens in a private clinic in Istanbul.

If I have hair loss in the area that has been transplanted, should I be worried?

Absolutely not, at the beginning all the transplanted hair falls out and after they start to grow again.

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