FUE transplant operation

Combat baldness, get a natural looking like before!

Do you suffer from alopecia and would like to return your attractive appearance like before? Would you like to look at yourself in the mirror and see your look as it once was?

Baldness not only causes a change of image, but also impacts on self-esteem. Psychological effects of baldness are not to be underestimated, as they often lead to anxiety and depression. Low self-esteem causes a negative mood and can create the belief that there is no effective solution available in the treatment of alopecia.

Why does baldness occur?

And how does FUE solve the problem?

Alopecia in men is primarily caused by DHT, a hormone present in our body that through an enzyme called "5 alpha reductase" turns into DHT.
The stems grows from a root or bulb, technically known as follicular units. A healthy bulb can produce or have from one to 4 hairs.
When DHT comes into contact with the bulbs on the scalp and penetrates through receptors of follicle it causes the appearance of a bald spot, they reduces in thickness and length until it causes a lack of regrowth which consequently leads to baldness.

The most advanced technique available which is used in the clinic of Dr. Serkan Aygin in Istanbul, works due to a fortunate genetic factor: some bulbs in the parietal and occipital are immune to the effect of DHT because they do not have the receptors for this hormone.
It will be from this area of the scalp known as the "donor area" that will make it possible to perform the transplantation.
You will finally be able to say goodbye to your baldness, using this safe technique your hair will start to grow again in a natural way and without surgery scars or marks on the scalp.
You will feel a notable difference in your self-esteem and psychological wellbeing.

How is a transplantation without scars possible?

You can achieve a completely natural result, with no visible scars, quick recovery and a painless operation: using the FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) technique, which is successfully used worldwide.
The treatment involves transplanting each individual follicle.
What does auto transplantation mean?
Follicles are transplanted from one area of the scalp to another on the same individual. Using this method the hair growth appears very natural, simply because it's your own follicles, taken from a 'healthy' area, generally the nape and sides of the head, those parts of the head that are not generally not affected by baldness.
The medical team will access your individual situation and develop a treatment plan based on the type of baldness present, a step by step treatment will be designed for you to give maximum results.
The transplantation begins by applying a simple local anesthetic to the scalp, so the patient does not experience the slightest sensation of pain and will feel comfortable throughout the operation. Special local anesthetics are used, in small quantities, to avoid the swelling of the head after transplantation.

Next, using a special tool called a "punch" bulbs are extracted from the donor area.
The bulbs are extracted in small groups, usually 1 to 4 hairs are found within each follicular unit, micro removal involves making tiny circular incisions to remove each individual follicular unit therefore isolating the graft.
The skin of the donor area from where the grafts were taken is then treated with a special composition that accelerates the "healing" process.
The extracted grafts are then transplanted to the "recipient site" of the balding area, this is carried out using a special tool similar to a tweezers.
Implant hair in Turkey must very quickly so the grafts have the best possible chance to take in the recipient site, this process is carried out with great care as each graft needs to be accurately placed in terms of direction, angle and density.
Therefore, this procedure is performed by 2-3 assistants working together at the same time. Although this is a surgical procedure, no scalpel is used, therefore there are no visible scars and no marks remain on the scalp. The time required for the operation can vary from 4 to 7 hours, depending on the number of bulbs needed to cover the area affected by alopecia.


Why is the transplant carried out in Turkey?

Medical tourism attracts about half a million people every year.
Why is this? Firstly because the turkish Government supports development of the sector internationally and has continued to support the construction of new highly specialised hospitals and clinics.
Turkey have become a leader in the trichology sector, testimony to this is the increased awareness in the public and the number of searches about this topic on the web.
Around 2,000 people per year rely on Istanbul and it’s expert doctors to solve their problems of alopecia, Istanbul is considered the world's best in implantation.
It’s not at all uncommon to walk through the streets of Istanbul – now recognised as the capital for FUE transplantations worldwide, and notice people wearing the same type of head "bandage", all these people have chosen Istanbul for transplantation.
Quality goes hand in hand with the guarantee of a natural looking successful result and the convenience of choosing Istanbul as the location for your implantation: an operation is much cheaper than any other country.
The entire package (including the operation, travel, hotel, assistance, transfers, etc.) is priced much lower than the price of a single operation in Ireland.

PROPOSED SERVICE Transplant FUE package everything included
PRP TREATMENT 500€ - €1000 included
SPECIALIST VISITS €100 - €200 included
TRIP to handle (price may vary) included and organized
COST €8000 - €10000 €3300 (£2900 in UK)

In addition to providing a lower cost for your transplantation, we also guarantee that: If if you don't get a good result after 12 months, you will be entitled to a new operation, free of charge.


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