Before and after FUE

Before and after

Photo before and after transplantation

There are those who want to rediscover their youthful image and thicken a very large area of the scalp where hair has thinned, but also those who are still young and are looking for a solution that can counteract premature baldness.
In this section you will find photos of those who have chosen to trust in the clinic of Dr. Serkan Aygin and share the results with those who, like them, are about to make a choice that will positively change their life.

In the following photos you can easily see the before and after results of hair transplant patients and verify their progress after treatment and the results obtained through a hair transplant using the FUE technique at the clinic of Dr. Serkan Aygin in Turkey.
Thinning hair, receding hairline: What you see in the initial photos compared with the after photos clearly demonstrates a positive post implant experience in all patients treated, the images clearly show the remarkable effects of trichological surgery, both from an aesthetic point of view and psychological well-being, gained from a natural and homogeneous result. The images prove that the method used is an optimal way to restore hair loss.

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